Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Figured I’m due a new family photo since I’ve had quite a few new additions! 

Ungulates: Yak, Zebu, Pig, Thompsons Gazelle, Blackbuck antelope, Sheep x 2, Roe deer, Fallow doe, Young Red deer buck, Yearling muntjac, older muntjac, Mouflon Ram.

Carnivora: Coyote, Grey fox, Red fox, Domestic dog (dachshund), Racoon.

Mustelidae: American River Otter, American Badger, American mink, Skunk, Weasle.

Rodentia: Beaver, Porcupine, Muskrat, Brown Rat, Hamster, Mouse, Grey Squirrel. (complete articulated rat skeleton not shown)

Birds: Jackdaw, Crow, Wood Pidgeon, Mallard duck, Woodcock, Razorbill

Felidae: European shorthair cat, Alaskan bobcat, Alaskan Lynx

Misc: Rabbit, Possum, Human Caucasian female, Siamese Crocodile, Common Map Turtle shell, Rock Hyrax




Hey! I’ve found myself in a bit of a tiz, so I’m going to offer TEN quick art commissions—whilst my more serious commissions are on hold! These will be in the style shown above. Obv, full body has less detail, while busts have more! *U* You get to choose, though. Not doing couples rn, sorry. Also you may buy out multiple slots, if you’d like.

These are pay in full, unlike my other commissions. Unfortunately I gotta pay this thing in like.. six days, oh my. If you all could signal boost, I’d appreciate it! 

There are only ten available so if interested, please email me at kikifaceart@gmail.com.

AAAAAAND a nail drove itself into my tire today. Brilliant. I’m taking five more of these!

Hey guys can you please boost his for me? I’m definitely pressed right now.



I lost it at The Backstreet Boys

why have I never heard of this person before


Ashley Mackenzie: The Philosophical Illustrations

artist on Tumblr

Ashley Mackenzie tackles complex questions about the relationship between mind and body, creating conceptual, illustrative works that stand at the cross-section of the philosophy of the mind and neuroscience. “As our knowledge of the brain becomes more comprehensive, it seems like the idea of the soul exists only in the gaps of our understanding,” Mackenzie writes on her website. Bodies melt like pools of liquid in these placid, sparsely-detailed illustrations as they visualize the inner workings of the mind.


Gravity Falls; Sock Opera Rough Designs

Sorry for the delay, back from vacation.
Somebody figured out that Bipper in the Reverend outfit was inspired by Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter. That’s my favorite movie and a big influence on many artist I know. There are other secrets hidden in the designs though…


Love is not a victory march,
It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah 


Love is not a victory march,

It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah 


Red Deer by WILDMANOFTHEWOODS2012 on Flickr.